Feb 18, 2018

Nogeyama zoo in Yokohama

Today I went to Nogeyama zoo with my son, Kou.
The zoo is of the Yokohama city and admission free. It's only 10 minutes far from our house, so we often go there.

Kou likes giraffes very much. Today it came near him and looked at him.
He likes using the guidance phone, but I never put coins... But whenever he found it, he enjoyed it.
We took a rest at a bench, with Japanese sweets. The face ones are ningyo-yaki, the inside is anko, sweet beans paste.
The green package is onigiri-senbei, onigiri-shaped rice cake.
Kou likes onigiri-senbei very much.

What he wanted to see was penguins.

Miyu and Kou like to touch with animals and this zoo has such a space. People can touch with mice, Guinea pigs and chickens.

At last, we saw a red panda was sleeping such a high position of the tree.
Please don't fall down...

Today I showed you a small zoo in Yokohama. It's very small and there are not so many kinds of animals.  But it's very interesting to show and to touch with animals.

See you!

Feb 17, 2018

Patent pending, ribbon hankies

Last year, I applied for a Japanese  Patent.
For my daughter, I found a good way to bring her hankies on her clothes those have no pockets.

I put a ring on her clothes, and she can put a hankie on it. I also made a small pouch with a clip. She uses it when she goes outside with her friends, put some candies in it.

The ring is for knitting.

She can use it without refold, just wipes her hands.

I also use them hanging from my bags.
Because my son needs hankies often, it's convenient.
The one with face is for boys. Maybe they don't like ribbons so much.

You close them with snaps on the belt. 
They are convenient and cute, aren't they?

Feb 11, 2018

Tiny tulips with my sarubobo

Hi, there.
Here, in Yokohama, It's still cold but kids want to play outside.
Today I found beautiful plum blossoms in bloom.

What I wanted to show you are petit tulip flowers.
At first, I cut fabrics in small rectangles and folded them in half.
I found a good piece of codes for the stem.
Then, I just put the code through the rectangle piece anf filled them with stuffings.
 I closed the top of the tulips. I made 16 ones, my kids already keep some of them.

I made them for my sarubobo plushies.

I like them with flowers in their hands.

See you!

Feb 8, 2018

Origami camellia flowers

I like Origami. And I like sewing.
So sometimes I fold fabric in a way of Origami.
Here they are.
 They are camellia flowers.
Here you can see the instruction of the flower.
Origami instructions.com camellia

I just folded it wih my favorite fabrics, and at the last, I sewed the last edges hiddenly.
So they won't be unfolded.
With the ones of LIBERTY tana loan, I made brooches.

And I made hair clips for little with other flowers.
I'll be happy if you like the idea!
See you. 

Feb 6, 2018

My sarubobo again!

What I made recently are my favorite Japanese plushes, sarubobo.

I used to sell them several years ago.

I cut fabrics in small circles and rectangles.

Then I sewed them...

I filled them with stuffing.

Finally, I bonded candies on their hands and put pins on their backs.

It's so small and cute.

Now I have many more ideas with them.
Here you can see how to make them.

Feb 5, 2018

My daughter fractured her left shoulder.

Because a man fell down on her.
We went to a hospital soon, but the doctor couldn't notice her broken bone.
So she couldn't take good care for two days.

Because she didn't get better, I took her to the other hospital, and here, we found her bone broken.

Now she applied a plaster cast on her left shoulder, and cannot put her normal clothes.

So I took off the left arm of her underwear, and put a snap for easier changing.

And I took off the hood from her hoodie which she can put easily, but hooded clothes are  forbidden in her school.

It's the first time for her such a serious injury, but we tried to care her well.
If you have good ideas for her clothes, please leave a comment.
Thank you!

Feb 2, 2018

We gave a Kogin embroidery lesson at Yokohama

The day before yesterday, we gave a lesson to mothers.
It's the first Kogin lesson for us. All of them are new to Kogin embroidery, so it was hard for them counting and stitching.

They managed to finish the brooches and hair bows.

During the lesson, my son waited with ipad.

Because it was so hard to finish in 2 hours, I'm thinking of easier design and made this.

It'll be a bow like the next photo.

It's hard to think of lessons, but very interesting to sew with many people. Last year, we gave more than 10 lessons of sewing, paper crafts or Origami.
This Sunday, we'll give an Origami lesson for kids.

Both of Sewing by myself and working with friends are interesting.

These are what I finished in these two days.